ACMA Planning For Airport Body Scanners

ACMA Planning For Airport Body Scanners

Earlier this year I wrote about plans to introduce airport body scanners in Australia and the topic stirred up a lot of debate. Getting a body scan at the airport doesn’t bother me, but many commenters were opposed to the idea. Plans are moving forward nonetheless, with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) issuing a consultation paper on how to appropriately regulate the deployment of scanners and seeking public comment.

ACMA is involved because body scanners require a radio communications licence, and a fee will be charged to airports for that equipment. To be clear here: ACMA is seeking comments on whether its standards for licensing body scanners are appropriate, not on whether the technology is an evil invasion of privacy that will give us all cancer while making no difference to operational security (all reasons that have been citied to oppose the move). If you have something to say on the frequency issues, submissions are being accepted until June 6.



  • I am not opposed to the privacy side when they use a virtual representation, however the health risk I think is significant . I went through one in washington dc , my first time, and I felt a weird mild dizziness for at least a few hours afterwards

  • I am not clear on exactly why the scanners require telecommunications licencing. Is it because radio waves (Millimeter Waves, in this case) are projected against the body, or is it because the information collected by the devices is transmitted to another site/device via wifi or other means?

  • Why doesn’t it bother you, other than ignorance?
    Personally, I don’t trust the long-term health effects of something I watched being proposed, prototyped and started via wired mag, because there are none.

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