Exetel Adds 300GB Option To NBN Plans

Having trimmed back its range of NBN plans recently, Exetel has now added one high-speed, high-download deal to the equation. As Alex at Gizmodo points out, $70 a month for 300GB (not including uploads) on a 100/40 connection is pretty good. We've updated our Planhacker table of every NBN plan to include this option.

Photo by Hanuska (Flickr)


    the not including uploads is something that has my eye cause i have cloud backup with backtrack and this is one thing im concerned about when i switch to nbn that i don't want 3/4 of my limit going towards uploading backups. But also all it takes in one. now im sure other companies will talk about lowering their prices too

      not backtrack haha

    Fantastic sized plan at a great price, now how many years until the Sydney North Shore sees an NBN connection?


      You guys are going to vote the Libs in and they are going to cancel the NBN.

    Im getting 500kbs if I'm lucky at St Helen's Park, NSW. I need a fibre don my street YESTERDAY

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