Exetel Not Counting Uploads In Its NBN Pricing

Exetel Not Counting Uploads In Its NBN Pricing
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Last week Internode announced its projected NBN pricing for consumers. Even though there was a clear element of political posturing in those numbers, they still stirred up a lot of negative reaction from users. This week has seen Exetel announce its own pricing, and demonstrate in the process that there’s likely to be several different variations on NBN pricing from different providers.Two elements stand out clearly from Exetel’s pricing. The first is that it’s happy to offer cheaper plans: the simplest option is $34.50 for a 12Mbps downstream/1Mbps upstream plan with a 20GB download limit. The second is that it won’t be counting uploads in its plans. Conversely, it isn’t offering such large plans as Internode; its maximum download limit is 200GB. (After hitting the limit, the connection is limited to 512/128).

My colleague Danny offered up a very sensible analysis last week of how jumping to conclusions based on one NBN pricing package is unwise, especially given that only a handful of people can currently access them anyway. I’m heading to the next official NBN launch in Kiama on Friday, and I’m looking forward to seeing what gets said on the issue there. In the meantime, share your thoughts on Exetel’s approach in the comments.



  • I am a happy Exetel Customer, I have a great plan and very happy with technical support theyve given when Ive had issues.

    However, I suggest people take this information with a grain of salt. Exetel Management could change their minds 5 times about pricing before the launch of NBN. Many times have they launched new plans only to pull the offers weeks later, They do a lot of trial and error as far as what is sustainable as a business. Theres nothing wrong with that, its how you remain competitive. But that being said, to me this announcement is more intended on capitalizing on the bad press about expensive NBN pricing so far. Highlighting themselves as a cheaper alternative.

    I for one am expecting most major ISPs to do some reshuffling of prices once the system becomes available to a larger gamut of users and they can get a better idea of typical usage.

    My advice is if you have a reasonable connection, dont jump onto the first plan you can, as more competitve plans could be quickly following.

  • “My colleague Danny offered up a very sensible analysis of how one NBN pricing package does not a telecommunications panic make last week”… what?

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