Exetel's NBN: Unlimited Off-Peak Data But Much Higher Prices

Extel's original NBN plans were amongst the best offerings on the market. Exetel is now offering unmetered data in off-peak hours for its NBN customers under revamped plans, but it has also raised prices considerably.

If you're a heavy data user who doesn't mind a bit of midnight hour scheduling there could be some distinct value in Exetel's changed NBN offerings, as all plans now have unmetered usage between 1am and 9am.

The downside to this move is that plan prices have jumped up across the board. The cheapest 12/1 Exetel NBN plan is now $49.50/month (up from $35) with 50GB of data allowance. At the 25/5Mbps tier the cheapest plan jumps from $40/month to $54.50. At 50/20Mbps the price jumps from $50/month to $69.50/month and at 100/40Mbps the entry level plan jumps from $45/month to $79.50/month. For the truly data desperate, the top tier 100/40Mbps plan is up from $70/month to $139/month, but data allowance has also moved up from 300GB to 500GB.

Exetel NBN Services [Exetel via ZDNet]


    Well that's a kick in the teeth for the 100/40 plan, 100% increase, what a ridiculously massive jump... Guess that means i'll be looking elsewhere, MyNetFone & TransAct are offering 100/40 1tb plans for only $99.95 http://www.whistleout.com.au/Broadband/National-Broadband-Network-NBN-100Mbps-Plans

    I would like to know more about the telephone or voice side of the NBN. I haven't seen much about the voice side of thing in the news or it could be that I haven't been looking in the right places. It's all been data so far

    Exetel are great on the ADSL front, but on NBN/Opticomm Fibre/Telstra Velocity I have heard that their network is over provisioned - meaning slow speeds at the higher speeds. Basically for ADSL they are fine for speed, but for Fibre products only buy them for price, not performance.

    General NBN question - do you still need to maintain a phone line like with ADSL?

      Nope. NBN removes the copper from the equation.

      The NBN box has 4 ports for internet at 2 phone lines, each of which can be used with a competing service (ie, with a standard NBN box you can have 4 ISPs and 2 Telcos.)

        Thanks @lachlan. Removing the $20+ for line rental makes the offered NBN plans more attractive.

    They've changed their off-peak at some point too - my Exetel ADSL2 service has midnight to midday as the off-peak times. Not that it makes any difference, my area isn't due for NBN till after the election so I guess I'll have 2mbps ADSL over copper for the rest of my life....

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