Dealhacker: Half-Price Vodafone Broadband Dongle

This deal comes up so often that our official advice has to be "don't buy a full-priced dongle unless it's brand new": Coles has the basic Vodafone prepaid 3G broadband dongle, with 3GB of data, for $24. On sale until February 7. [Coles via OzBargain]


    Seems expensive. Half price dongle for a quarter reliability service

    Will probably take 3 years to hit that 3GB quota as well...

    This is a major price dropout in addition to the usual Vodafone dropouts.

    Cheap, just unlock it and use another provider :)

    Australia Post are also selling this product for $24.50, until 26/2. (Finding stock/buying one will be the usual amount of fun, no doubt…)

    The Crazy John's device is also on special for the same price, which might interest some people.

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