Coles Selling Virgin Broadband Dongle With 4GB Of Data For $19


    There's only one model available to buy on the Virgin Mobile site -- the E153.

    Tempting to buy this, use the data and give the dongle away.

    This deal has actually been available all month and runs till the end of the month at all Coles Mobile stores.

    What a load of crap. Been to 7 Coles stores now and not a single one was available at any of them. Not "we sold out", just don't have any at all.

    Over the past few days, Coles Beaudesert kept telling me "we haven't got them yet". Today when I called, they said they never got any, and the sale period ended yesterday.

    I called Coles customer care (1800 061 562), explained the situation, and the dude I spoke to took my name and address and said he would send one out to me -- free of charge. Yay!

    I highly recommend calling the customer care number and demanding satisfaction. :)

      Correction: Coles mailed me a raincheck ticket, not the dongle itself. Bummer. :D

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