Regrow Spring Onions In A Cup Of Water

If you like to cook with spring onions (aka green onions, shallots or scallions), did you know you can keep the white root ends in a glass of water and they will regrow almost indefinitely?

Household weblog Homemade Serenity shares how spring onion ends ends can regrow in in a glass of water. Just put the root ends in a glass of water and put that glass in a sunny window. After a few days you should be able to begin harvesting the green ends. Make sure you change the water every so often and cut what you need with scissors before cooking.

Putting Food By - Beef, Onions, and Vanilla [Homemade Serenity via Punk Domestics]


    Indefinatly? I doubt it - photosynthesis requires more than just water and sunlight, at some stage the plant will require further nutrients, which
    would be easy to add

      They do say they chuck out the water every so often and refill. That might be what is required.

      I add less then one 1ml of seaweed fertilizer to water

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