MiniBluebox Is A Minimalist Password Manager For Mac Users

Mac: If you've been shying away from popular online password managers like LastPass due to security concerns, Aussie developer Ergun Coruh has a simple solution that gives you total control of where your passwords are stored. MiniBluebox is a drag-and-drop system that gives you everything you need in a password manager, including 512-bit encryption, synchronisation and more.

While there are plenty of Mac password managers to choose from, MiniBluebox sets itself apart in its simplicity, providing an uncomplicated user experience that gives you all the features you need without being bloated. All you need to do is create a master password, and instead of storing your passwords in a vulnerable centralised database, MiniBluebox puts your passwords in an encrypted file that you can keep wherever you like. You can sync your passwords on multiple Macs by manually exporting your passwords to your Dropbox folder, for example, in a 512-bit Skein encrypted file, and then downloading them via a secure URL. Because it's not stored on one centralised database, the risk of a coordinated attack is all but eliminated.

MiniBluebox uses a drag-and-drop system in conjunction with an instant search filter that removes the need for auto-fillers and clipboards. A password generator is bundled in, letting you create strong and random passwords up to 32 characters in length, as well as an automatic inactivity lock feature.

There are some notable restrictions: it's Mac-only, and there is no iOS version, although the developer says that it's coming, and the user interface is so minimalist that it can be confusing at first. Still, if you're a Mac user in need of a password manager that isn't cloud-based, it's worth a try. MiniBluebox is available in the Mac App Store for $1.99, and there are no ongoing fees.

What's your take on password managers? Let us know what you use (or don't use) in the comments below.

MiniBluebox [Mac App Store]


    I've been using 1password for a while. It has a windows version too, but is pretty ex

    I've been using 1password for a while. It has a windows version too, but is pretty expensive licence wise. Dropbox syncing and a web interface via dropbox make it accessible pretty much anywhere. I'd give MiniBlueBox a shot if I could get to my passwords from just about any OS - a must have option for me.

    This does look like quite a nice (elegant and minimalist) idea. But it's hard to imagine wanting to move away from LastPass because of its x-platform and great form-filling abilities. I did try 1Password (iPad and Mac), but found it frustratingly lacking in features for its very high price, so got a refund from the App Store.

    1password let's you control where your passwords are stored, but Lastpass is all in the cloud IIRC.

    LastPass has a business model to store client data on a centralised Cloud that puts everyone’s data at risk with a single point coordinated attack. If such an attack succeeds everyone’s data will be compromised.


    why not just use keychain?

      Keychain still requires decryption and extra management when you are on the move and you want to use your passwords from other devices/machines.

    >> why not just use keychain?

    Keychain uses 168-bit Triple-DES encryption. The Skein algorithm used by MiniBluebox has 512-bit key -length which makes it much stronger than keychain.

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