Dealhacker: Cheap Android Phones At Kmart

As well as cheap iTunes cards, Kmart's current catalogue includes two discounted prepaid Android phones: the LG Optimus Spirit on Telstra for $129, and the HTC Incredible S on Optus for $299.

Kmart had a similar deal on the Incredible S last year; while that price was eventually beaten by Optus itself, currently the phone isn't listed on the Optus site as a prepaid outright buy. Telstra's own price for the LG Optimus Spirit is $149.



    Incredible S isn't discounted... $299 is standard Optus price. Any man and his dog who sells Optus Pre-Paids will be selling at that price... The hard part is finding stock of them at the moment cause they r in short supply.

    Telstra LG Spirit is a seems to be a good deal though... Should mention in the article that it comes with a $30 recharge too incase people don't read the text in the picture...

    Incredible S has 'Android 2.4"?
    I think not.

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