Dealhacker: Android Smart-Touch T2030 For $79

Telstra's bargain prepaid Android phone the Smart-Touch T2030 was $99 when it was first released, but the price has since dropped to $79. That's a reasonable saving, but until January 18 Kmart has an even better deal: the same $79 price tag, but with $50 of included prepaid credit.

As we noted at the time of its release, the T2030 is not going to appeal to cutting-edge Android users, given that it only runs Android 2.1 and has a resistive touchscreen. If you just want to shift a reluctant relative, however, it's a potential choice, and the $50 bundle to be used over 30 days certainly beats Telstra's $10 inclusion (which expires in 14 days).



    I have a iphone 3g, would this be any better?

      Definitely not. You will hate the resistive touchscreen.. and I highly doubt this will have enough grunt to do more than the most rudimentary task/apps.

      It's good for a cheap phone.. but not for someone who already owns a current generation, capacitive (or similar) touchscreen smartphone with a decent amount of grunt under the hood.

        iPhone 3G isnt really current generation :P

          No.. I know.. that's why I tried to quanitify my statement by saying "capacitive" screens rather than 'resistive". There is such a noticeable difference between the two :)

    These are a bad phone, I would steer clear of them.

    Its a telstra branded ZTE Racer. Youre better of forking out the extra money and getting either an LG Optimus Spirit or Samsung Galaxy Ace.

    I had no idea resistive touch screens still exist, I had to use my old LG viewty for a while after breaking my Andoird phone, and man I nearly broke that one too out of sheer frustration.

    It's not so much a matter of resistive vs capacitive,
    as resistive vs co-operative.

    one, two slow camera, vido ,control, blluetooth frustrating. Dose not like to connect to computer even when paired,but sends files, cant send computer to phone,

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