Optus Selling Prepaid Incredible S For $270

Optus Selling Prepaid Incredible S For $270

We mentioned last week that Kmart was selling the Incredible S for $299. That phone is now showing up in a bunch of places, but Optus itself has the cheapest deal, with the Android 2.3 device selling for $269.10 including postage.

If you don’t fancy waiting for delivery, Australia Post is also selling the phone in its latest catalogue, but priced again at $299. It’s network-locked to Optus, but you can get it unlocked easily if you want to use it with a different network.

Optus [via OzBargain]


  • When you say ‘you can get it unlocked easily’, are we talking for a fee, or does it involve rooting?

    I’m happy to root to unlock, if it avoids the hefty Optus unlock fee…

    • Rooting has nothing to do with unlocking the device from a particular network – it’s just grants your permission to levels of the operating system that weren’t previously allowed.

      I think Gus is more referring to the fact that there’s no shortage of third party guides that aid in unlocking devices from networks without the provider’s cooperation.

  • Unlock happens after using an Optus SIM for 6 months for free, or you can pay $80 to do it immediately; that’s what the guy at the Optus store told me when I bought mine anyways.

  • Or you could activate the sim that comes with the handset and connect to the amazing New Turbo cap plan from 6th Nov..

    After you’ve spent $80 on recharge the unlocking fee is waved!

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