Kmart Selling HTC Incredible S Outright For $299

Optus has been selling the HTC Incredible S on contract since April, but if you'd prefer it as an outright option, Kmart has it for $299 this week. The case design isn't to everyone's taste, but it's a possible choice if you want a recent Android phone running Gingerbread. [Kmart via OzBargain]


    Is this locked to a particular network?

    Its labeled as the Optus Pre-paid... Which i think means Locked to Optus correct?

    I would not call that outright as im guessing theres an unlock fee attached...

      Would being locked to Optus allow it's use on the reseller networks? If so then it's no biggie as the best value plan out there is probably the AmaySIM Unlimited, $40 thing. Most people who go SIM only probably use an Optus reseller like Virgin, AmaySIM etc. in any case.

        As far as I know Optus locked phones work with AmaySIM, not sure with Virgin though. they once did but these days it's a hit and miss.

          I know the MyTab works with Virgin Sims...

          But thats the extent of my testing :)

      In the past i have purchased a few optus/boost prepaid phones that i have then used on virgin. Last phone i purchased from virgin mobile was shipped from optus :S

    my local store is not running that calalogue of specials,

    So do i want to drive 1 hour & half each way for the next nearest store? ... no.

    "insert swear word"

    long thread on this on ozbargain

    It's an optus pre-paid product now so it would be locked to them and their group. You can also get them at optus stores

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