Win An HTC Sensation XE With Lifehacker

We're in a generous mood as Christmas approaches, so we'll be giving away some awesome prizes all week. First up: thanks to HTC, we've got an HTC Sensation XE Android phone, valued at $999, for one lucky reader. So how can you win this phone?

The Sensation XE is nicely kitted out, and it should be even more impressive come 2012 when it gets upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. But you don't have to wait until then to win the handset we're giving away.

To enter, just write a caption (in 30 words or less) for this picture of Senator Stephen Conroy and Kevin Rudd:

The caption we judge the most amusing will be the winner. Extra points for suitable technology references, and we won't give a prize to "And the knife was this big", because that's far too obvious. Entries close Wednesday December 14 at 10am, so get cracking. Full terms and conditions here (and the handset as it ships is locked to Vodafone, if you were wondering).

Picture by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images


    Shown: Unfortunately, Australia’s confidence in Rudd isn’t quite as solid as Conroy’s confidence in his prowess as a fisherman.

    So I've ordered a new keyboard for when the NBN goes live
    I'm going to sit there waiting.. like *this*

    Rudd: I said to Obama, pass me the ball, I'm open.
    Conroy: What did he do?
    Rudd: He went straight to the hoop and dunk.
    Conroy: Wow!

    SC: How much underground cable do you reckon we'll need to finish the NBN?
    KR: 'Bout that much should do it.

    KR - It does not matter if its an iphone fanboy or android fanboy, there both going to say there's is this big.

    SC - Mine is.

    I like big butts and and can not lie.....

    Kev: You're a much bigger dickhead than me, I'm only this much of a tool I mean "spams and scams" FFS
    Steve: Faaaaaaaark you!

    KR: Conroy set the NBN to power to 10...
    SC: The NBN Can'ne go much faster capt'n

    Yes Kevin, that's how many working families have had their computers infected by spams and scams that come through the portal.

    Rudd "And then I ate an entire waterlemon"
    Conroy "NO WAY"

    Conroy: So, these tubes that make up the internet. How big are they supposed to be?
    Rudd: The researchers suggest that they may be about this big.

    KR: So after the filter is put in place, only THIS much of the internet will be available to Australians, and we can tax people to access the rest!
    SC: Internet, eh? Is that the facetube thing?

    Rudd: it's called Pirate Bay
    Conroy: no way....send me the link

    Look you just grab Julia by the arse like this and push and I guarantee she’ll twitter.

    Yea im so starting a Scumbag keven meme

    Conroy: So the Internet Filter's going to be introduced next year, we expect...
    Kevin: Wait, so I can no longer enjoy my daily viewing of...

    And the new pipe for the internets to come through will be this big!! Go NBN!!!

    Kevin: Hey Steve, steve! Did you know you can ride the intertubes...bareback... like riding a pony...
    Conroy: REALLLLY?!!!
    Kevin: *stiffles laughter*

    ...and I never grabbed Julia again.

    Ahhh, yes Stephen, I use broad bands to exercise my fingers... like this, see?

    Uhh... You mean rubber bands, Kevin?



    Rudd: Aliens Conroy, aliens are why I'm not the PM anymore.

    ...and then I felt her hands reaching around my neck from behind, like this...

    Rudd: We will only have this much space left in the tubes if we don't build the National Broadband Network

    Conroy: The tubes? Full? NOOOOOOO!

    KR: You know this interwebs thing connects the whole word... my friends in China have a solution for that.

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