Telstra Gets Exclusive On HTC Sensation, Launches In July

The HTC Sensation is already on sale in many parts of the world, but we won't be seeing it officially in Australia until July. Telstra has got the local exclusive on the ultra-thin dual core Gingerbread phone.

As is now annoyingly standard practice, pricing details for the phone won't be announced until closer to launch (and we don't have an exact date beyond "July"). If you're keen to get one, you can sign up for updates on Telstra's site on the links below, and check out the specs and more images at Gizmodo.



    given that its core is an A8, i m not all that excited

    ultra-thin? compared to what?

    About time, pity it will cost way too much (READ: be 'free' on a really expensive plan), and be full of T %&*$ware. Think I will still resort to importing an unlocked one.

    I'm running Sense3 on my DHD and it's a huge improvement over 2.1, so people should be happy with that...

    Good phone, Bad Network.
    This is exactly why i buy all my phones unlocked,

    Would be good to know if it's the 4G version though, since Telstra is meant to have LTE by the end of the year

      Good phone, bad network? C'mon, you have to be joking. Telstra has to be THE best network out there. Sure it isn't the cheapest, but it actually works, unlike vodafone and has much greater coverage than optus, thanks to NextG

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