No Kevin, 'Android' Not 'Handroid'

We had a lot of entrants trying to win the HTC Sensation XE courtesy of HTC, and many of them made us laugh out loud. But there can only be one winner, and that winner is Jase, for his simple, to-the-point and effective caption.Thanks everyone for taking part, and thanks again to HTC for the prize. We've got more competitions running all week, so keep trying!

Main picture by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images


    do I get a prize for noticing the link for competitions in your article points at competitoons?

    come on, must be worth a free usb rocket launcher or something!

    Caption is definitely lolworthy. Well played, Jase.

    So the

    Rudd - "PM's breasts feel flat"
    Steve - "You touched them....NO WAY"

    Didn't win? dammit

      Ok lifehacker, I want you to take the prize from the winner and give it to this guy.

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