Producteev Is Now A Universal Task Manager

Producteev Is Now A Universal Task Manager

Windows/Android: Comprehensive to-do suite Producteev has not only updated its web app and iPhone app, it’s now also showing some love for Windows 7 and Android users. The cross-platform task management app works great for group tasks and has a revamped interface.

The video above shows the main features and enhancements of previously mentioned Producteev, including natural language support (e.g. writing “next Monday”) and new multiple workspaces for different sets of task lists.

Most importantly, there’s now a Windows desktop app in addition to the Mac desktop version and an Android mobile app in addition to the iPhone version (an iPad app is in the works). This makes Producteev a great contender now for a new to-do list app if you don’t own an Apple device or you find yourself working on a bunch of different platforms.

One last interesting update is Producteev’s integration with TaskRabbit, an outsourcing service for small tasks. So you can create a to-do list item for your TaskRabbit contractor to complete. Sweet!

Producteev [Producteev for Android [Producteev for Windows]

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