iTunes Match Live In Australia, $34.99 A Year

iTunes Match Live In Australia, $34.99 A Year

Well, that was quicker than we expected. Less than a monthafter its US launch, iTunes Match has gone live in Australia, costing $34.99 a year.

For that money, you get anything in your local iTunes library accessible via the cloud; songs already in iTunes are available automatically (and potentially at a higher bitrate than your own copies), while more obscure items will be uploaded. It’s a tempting possibility, though bear in mind that you could chew through a lot of data on the initial upload if you have a large collection (though there’s a 25,000 song limit).

iTunes Match [iTunes Store]


  • Hmmm… .doesn’t seem to be working. Subscribed, went to account settings and messed about with authorising ‘this computer’ but each time it ‘encounters an error’ and asks you to log out and back in again. Creating a loop which I haven’t managed to get out from yet! Hopefully us gung-ho early adopters won’t lose too much from signing up based on this 😀

          • Indeed.. power consumption is a big one.. depending on your computer of course. Since I’ve turned off my computer every night when I go to bed and leave it off all day when I am at work, I’ve cut my power bill by at least $50 a quarter.. I was astounded at the amount I have been saving.

          • i don’t have to worry about the fire risk, on the PC, i have watercooling installed with about 2L of water that will dampen the computer in case of a fire.

            in 4 years, apple might convert people to Watercooling, then co-opt it as a Macbook Air+Water exclusive, with iTunes Water bottles and a DRM activated lid that opens via syncing with the iCloud. See ? that’s S M R T there.

            anyway, still “gathering” in iTunes, which is not at all ominous.

    • Surely streaming from your WMP library means that every time you listen to a song on a remote device you pay for the upload on your home broadband, and then the download to your remote device? With iTunes Match we don’t have to physically upload anything, once the library is synced it’s just the streaming download we’re paying for. I think……

      • Ba-ba-ba-ba is a song about how we are like sheep easily led tsaray by the lies of this world. 77s alternative rock band in the 80s-early 90s. I remember listening to them all day on a cassette tape on my walkman. :-p

  • Am I missing something about the music being DRM free? isn’t this a rental model in any-case… meaning it might be DRM free, though it’ll be in a protected (potentially time-limited) vault that you can’t get into?

  • If the music already exists in the cloud it doesn’t upload your copy – so the copy in the cloud might be a higher bit-rate, but it might also be a lower bit-rate, or a different version. The versions of a lot of songs on many compilations are slightly different to the original album release. The single is sometimes different again.

    My music collection is in my Dropbox account. Available from any device – not just iTunes device.

    • Dropbox? Ermmm yea, that’s great if you’ve got like 10 albums in your collection. I’ve got 145Gb of music in my collection (I’m a club DJ) and not even Dropbox’s $200 a year pro account would cover that. Also I don’t think you fully understand the concept behind Match because it is not simply about streaming music.

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