Why iTunes Match Isn’t Available In Australia

Why iTunes Match Isn’t Available In Australia

US technology media is awash with the release of iTunes Match, Apple’s subscription service that makes your music collection available on any devices signed into your iTunes account. It’s a nifty idea and one that’s been popular enough to slow Apple’s servers to a crawl, but there’s no sign we’ll get it in Australia in a hurry.

Back when iTunes Match was first announced, we noted that the Match service was “US only”. The primary reason for this is copyright: Apple needs deals with all the major music labels to allow it to make digital copies of music available. Match doesn’t just sync content purchased directly through iTunes, but content ripped from your own CDs as well, which makes the licensing more complicated.

While the music market is dominated by a handful of global players, the rights deals are still negotiated on a regional basis. For Apple, the priority is the US market, just as it was with the original iTunes Music Store, which launched in Australia a full two years after America. We’ll probably see iTunes Match at some point, but I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess as to when.

A secondary consideration for Apple is server balancing. Even with Match being US-only, it was forced to temporarily stop people signing up for new subscriptions because of demand. In that context, trying for a global rollout seems pretty pointless.


  • Re the demand, I imagine Apple would’ve been aware of the demand. It could be a way of saying “we’re overloaded. We must be popular because so many people wanted to use us.” rather than “We could’ve put more servers and had higher availability but saving costs also increased our desire while still catering for x% of people’s needs”.

    For reference: http://www.macrumors.com/2011/11/03/how-apple-uses-its-supply-chain-as-a-strategic-weapon/

    • as i said in my top post it doesn’t let you. When you click subscribe it takes you to the billing page to enter a credit card. So you can buy all the stuff you want with money gift cards but you can’t subscribe to match

  • Rick, not all of us can be bothered with faffing around trying to get a valid US logon for what should be – indeed, is claimed as – a worldwide service. I live in Australia, so please explain to me why I should need to set up anything to lie or proxy me in? It shouldn’t have to happen to anyone. Mind you it shows just how much mighty Apple cares when the Oz dollar is above parity, yet even songs cost more as a digital download than in the US. Hardware I can live with to an extent with increased shipping costs, but that doesn’t cover the whole difference. I think this issue speaks, yet again, to the narcissistic and self-important view that Apple has of their own importance. As has been pointed out in earlier posts, blind Freddie could have seen the rush to join coming, yet they did nothing to alleviate it, except limit the ability to access the service… Now there’s some forward thinking for you…

  • If someone where to download a FLAC album. Then Burn it to a cd. then rip it into itunes and have it matched, will that give you cloud access to that album on any ios device registered with your username?

  • Think this article comes at this the wrong way. We should be asking why are record lables in this region slow to get their goods in front of us… It would be great to hear what they have to say. In addition it might put some pressure on record lables here to get their act together here in Australia.

    • I am in total agreement with Trent, it’s the record companies that need to get their cart together NOT Apple. DJ must be a Micro$oft fan boy, if he thinks that 1. Apple did not announced a WORLDWIDE service, when iTunes Match was revealed it was clearly stead that it was going to be a US only service initially with other markets to follow.
      2. Apple, narcissistic and self-important, come on now show me a multi bullion dollar company that listen to it’s customers and makes product people want, Show me an OIL,Finance,NGO or Mining company in Oz or any where in the world that does that.
      3. DJ : do you even own an any Apple products?

  • UberFG… Mate I’m no Apple fanboy by a long shot, and although I have owned Apple products, I have chosen for the most part to replace them with other options which do NOT limit me in the way Apple seems to think it has the right to do.
    So, just because this company is big it’s OK to have a “Screw you” attitude? Gee, you’re easily impressed then. I myself will make a choice about what equipment I use and how I use it, and sadly, Apple is a bit too controlling for my likes, so I’ve made the choice to ditch all but 1 of their products. I’m aware of their limitations, and will tolerate them to a degree, but only so far.
    I’ll continue to use my Android phone and tablet (which do everything for me I want) and keep my iPod for the simple task of nothing more than a dumb player with pretty pictures. Once iMatch finally appears here in Oz, I’ll end up with all the pretty artwork, (as well as upgraded local copies of music) and THAT will still all transfer to my Android devices. So I don’t need to be a fanboy to use 1 product… In fact, only using 1 product would, I assume, mean I’m almost exactly NOT a fanboy, huh? Otherwise I’d be knee-deep in iGear and unable to even type the word “Android” without foaming at the mouth.. Seems to me you’re very defensive of Apple, so might be closer to that description than me. I prefer to think of myself as informed and making choices. But I’m sure you’ll have a different (one-eyed) view…

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