Glue A Magnet To Your Hammer To Grab Nails

Regardless of how you store your nails, it's likely you've poked yourself at least once when grabbing one out of a bag or off a table. To prevent this, home improvement show host Ron Hazelton suggests fixing a magnet in the handle for an easy way to grab nails without using your hands.

All you need to do is drill a shallow hole in the bottom of your hammer, drip a little hot glue in, and place a magnet inside the hole. This way, you can stop dipping your fingers blindly into a bag of pointed nails and let the magnet do the work. Check out the video on Ron Hazelton's website for more details.

How to Turn Your Hammer Handle into a Nail Pick Up [Ron Hazelton]


    OK, this is clearly the idea of someone who has never really done any serious hammering, because in my experience, if you knock real nails into real timber the force of the blow will dislodge nails from the magnet unless it's seriously heavy duty and then you'll have the issue of actually pulling the things off of the magnet easily!!

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