Fix Stripped Screws With Auto Body Filler

If you need to screw something in but your target hole is too large, a bit of auto body filler will make that screw fit in like a dream.

We've shown you how to fix stripped screw holes with toothpicks or a golf tee, and those tips still work in a pinch. But if you need something a tad more reliable, home improvement guru Ron Hazelton recommends filling the hole with auto body filler, lubricating the screw, and screwing it in while the filler is still wet. Once it dries, you should have a perfectly threaded hole that will hold your screw in tight, while still allowing for easy removal. We couldn't embed the video here, so hit the link below to check it out.

How to Fix Stripped screw Holes in Wood [Ron Hazelton]


    Thought this was going to be about stripped screws, not stripped screw holes.

    I agree with Sam, I'd like to see a stripped screw fixed with filler.

    If the hole is stripped I would move up a screw size if possible

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