Five Christmas Shows To Set Your PVR For

Five Christmas Shows To Set Your PVR For

The Christmas season TV schedules is a wasteland that makes you grateful for your DVD collection/iView/Channel BT backlog. But there are a few programs that are worth hunting down when they’re broadcast. Here’s Lifehacker’s top five.

5. Angry Boys

ABC2, Sunday December 25-Saturday December 31, 9:30pm-10:30pm The reaction to Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys was mixed: people expecting a non-stop-laugh-fest along the lines of Summer Heights High were caught out by the high levels of pathos. But it’s totally worth the experience, and ABC2 is replaying the whole series in one-hour chunks over this week. (Summer Heights High is also being shown immediately afterwards.)

4. Wilosophy

ABC1, Saturday December 24, 9:55pm-10:45pm I would love it if the Gruen Transfer crew made a special analysing the commercial reality of the Christmas season. Until then, a Wil Anderson standup show will do nicely.

3. Carols By Candlelight

Nine, Saturday December 24, 8:00pm-11:00pm This isn’t to my taste, but for many people it’s a Christmas tradition. Just make sure you change channels after 90 minutes for . . .

2. RocKwiz Christmas Special

SBS1, Saturday December 24, 9:30pm-10:55pm There’s no new Spicks & Specks Christmas special, obviously (though there’s a repeat of last year’s on ABC1 at 6:00pm on Christmas Day, and repeats of earlier years nightly on ABC2 from December 26 at 7:30pm). But the RocKwiz crew are more than capable of filling those music trivia shoes. Confession: as soon as I can think of an excuse to interview Julia Zemiro for Lifehacker, I’ll be trying to set that up.

1. Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe

ABC1, Monday December 26, 7:30pm-8:30pm As ever, we praise the ABC for bringing us the Doctor Who Christmas special as speedily as possible. It broadcasts in the UK on Christmas Day, so this is basically the first possible opportunity to watch it. And double points for the excellent Narnia-referencing title. (Last year’s special is repeated at 11:55pm on Christmas Day if you’re up late.)

What Christmas viewing has you drooling? Share your faves in the comments.

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