Light And Natural: The Offices Of Parasol Island

Virtually any office is warm and welcoming when the sunlight is pouring in through its many massive windows, but the offices of Parasol Island doubles up on its inviting nature with a beautiful, minimalistic design.

Nothing in the space is complex — only simple tables, chairs, and a few storage shelves. Even the carpet would be considered bland by default, but the subtle green walls and the matching tan tabletops create a colour scheme that's pleasantly soft. It's nothing that the average person couldn't accomplish themselves as well.

While we don't know the cost of the furniture in this workspace, minimalist tables, pastel green paint, and paper lanterns are all inexpensively acquired. Manage your cables well and you could easily pull off something similar for your home office (or anywhere, for that matter). For the entire set of photos, be sure to check out the full post over on Office Snapshots.

Parasol Island [Office Snapshots via Unplggd]


    Really like the desks with the small drawers, there are some good cheap examples of that around for a personal desk, but I am too tight to get rid of my aging desk!

    chris check out the ikea micke desk. cheap as...

      Thanks mate - Freedom has a good one too with a nice integrated drawer for cheap.

      I just feel bad wasting the old functional one :(

    PS this is the one I like

    Doesn't hide the huge PC case, but I can work around that somehow...

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