The Glowing Green Workspace

We love sun-lit offices during the day, but good backlighting reduces eye strain and looks awesome at night. Reader András Horváth made his workspace glow green with plenty of well-placed LEDs.

This setup is actually pretty easy to do yourself. You can easily pick up inexpensive LEDs at stores (try IKEA) and place them around and beneath a glass desk. To find out more about the gadgets on András' desk, check out his Flickr post. It's annotated with additional details so you can see what else he's using.

Sennnn's Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    I would like a workspace like that would relieve some of my eye strain.

    Does anyone know what keyboard that is by any chance?

      Could be a logitech gaming keyboard.

      Logitech g15 gaming keyboard

      Logitech G15, about 10 years old. They're not the nicest keyboard to type on, I'm not sure how the newer ones are. You would be buying it for the macro keys and/or the lcd screen. The newest/most expensive version has a colour screen, which you may be interested in.

        Let's be honest, the Logitech G series stuff is absolutely rubbish to type on. For the same money, you'd be mad not to go mechanical.

    I do something similar. About 6 months ago I bought a "colour change ball" from K-Mart -- it's a lamp for cool pre-teen kids that consists of a glass orb about 15-20cm in diameter that rotates through LED colours. When I want to work in the dark, I turn off the light, and turn on the ball that sits behind one of my two monitors. When it gets to a colour I want, I bang on it and it stays there. When I bought this, I thought, "Hey, that's just like I used to do when playing Original Adventure on the IBM PC back in 1983 -- I'd sit in the dark and depending on how my eyes were doing and my mood, use the F-keys to select different text colours to change the contrast and readability." (World to Barb: gosh, you're old.)

    Kind of less cool than the solution above, but certainly cheap ($7) and easy to implement. I only wish I'd bought two of those balls.

    Looks good! But I think I'll be going a sky blue myself.

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