The Substitute Is In The House

As Gus mentioned last week, I'll be stepping into the chair at LifeHacker Central to keep things chugging along for the next few days. Although I've been freelancing for the last few years, I'm also a husband and father, and work as an IT manager. All of that means I'm always on the look out for great advice on how to get more out of my time.

A couple of things I've done have landed on LifeHacker like my guide to the old Eee PC and how to Build a home office from a shed. I've even had my son's iPad Lego Stand featured.

As well as the usual LifeHacker goodness, I'll be running a series of posts on switching from a Mac to a PC. Although lots of people switch from PCs to Macs, there are lots of people who have used a Mac at one job but need to switch to Windows when they change employer. There are also lots of people who need to be multi-platform but struggle with switching.


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