The 7 Lifestyle Changes That Can Add A Decade To Your Life

Cardiologist Dr Clyde Yancy has compiled a list of the seven main lifestyle changes that lead to a longer lifespan and while they’re mostly common sense, adapting all of the strategies to your own behaviour can add nearly a decade of healthy years to your lifespan.

Photo by Maxwell GS.

Dr Yancy keys in on these seven factors:

1. Get Active
2. Know and control cholesterol levels
3. Follow a healthy diet
4. Know and control blood pressure
5. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
6. Manage diabetes
7. Be tobacco free

None of these should come as much of a surprise, but seeing them in one place certainly adds weight to each of them. In his report, he suggests that by achieving these factors, people are given a 90 per cent chance of living up to 90 or 100. Following these tips help extend the number of healthy, quality years and delay life-threatening disease to the final stages of life.

Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Add a Decade or More Healthy Years to the Average Lifespan [Science Daily]

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