SendTab Easily Moves Your Browser Tabs To Nearly Any Device

SendTab is a very simple utility that lets you send a browser tab to another device with one or two clicks. It works in an instant, cross-browser, and even with iPhones and iPads.

SendTab is like a combination of Instapaper and remote tabs, allowing you to send content to other devices to read later or simply access as needed. If you're at work and want to check out an article on your home laptop, it'll let you click a button and the page will open up pretty much instantly. All you have to do is sign up for SendTab on their website and specify a location. If you're using Chrome or Safari, you can install a browser extension that'll let you send tabs to other computers and iOS devices. If you're using Firefox, Opera, or another browser, there's a bookmarklet available instead. On your iDevice, you can purchase the SendTab app for $0.99. Currently there's no Android version, but hopefully that is in the works. Regardless, it's still a pretty handy way to move your pages from computer to computer to mobile device. It functions seamlessly, is free to use (outside of the iOS app), and is definitely worth checking out.

SendTab [via A Whole Lotta Nothing]


    This seems a more expensive and not demonstrably faster version of simply sending the link via email. There's too many things that can go wrong with a browser's state for this to be reliable.

      Absolutely agree. If you have to sign up anyway why not use your free email account to forward the link to yourself.

    I use TabRocket for Chrome. Really simple easy to use interface.

    It uses your bookmark syncing to send tabs between any browsers you have. Unfortunately it can't send to mobile devices... Though I created a "Tablet" folder in the TabRocket bookmarks folder so I can send stuff for viewing on my Android Tablet (which syncs with Chromes bookmarks).

    IMO, Chrome to Phone is better than this, but it's only for Android.

      I've been using Google Chrome since it was released and I rlelay like using it for browsing however there are some issues when it comes to installing plug-ins. I mean just few plug-ins which are not compatible. I hope they can do something about it.Thank you,

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