Relieve Mild Burns With Yellow Mustard

Relieve Mild Burns With Yellow Mustard

Generally you’d put mustard on a grilled hotdog, but if you happen to grill your hand or some other part of your body you’ll want to slather on the spicy condiment as well. Why? As Instructables user kazmataz notes, it’s suitable for relieving mild burns. Here’s what you need to do:

Put the burned part of your body part under cool, running water. This will relieve some of the pain right away and will help to stop the progression of the burning. [Next,]spread a nice and thick layer of mustard over the area and go about your Iron Cheffing. You’ll find that the pain goes away almost immediately.

We’re not entirely sure what it is about mustard that blocks the burning pain, but many mustard-users have claimed it also helps reduce discolouration and blisters as well. While you don’t want to rely on mustard for more severe burns, it can be a big help for the little ones.

Mustard Burn Relief [Instructables]


  • Mustard works by binding to cold sensory receptor and this provides the soothing sensation. However, the main problem with using mustard is that it provides a food source for bacteria and increases the risk of infection. Also, it doesn’t remove the heat from the burn. The best first aid treatment is to run the burn under cold water (not ice or butter) and apply a hydrocolloid gel.

    • I prefer burn aid pad, you’ll still need to run your hand under running water for 15 minutes, and need a bandage to attach it.
      It keeps a burn much cooler and moister, then follow up with regular moisturiser, and a barrier cream like sorbolene.

      If you get a blister, don’t pop it, the blister seals the wound, and aids healing.

    • My mom s tarted using Mustard on my brother and I when we were just kids. Her
      father used mustard as a burn/pair relief on his kids. There has not been anything
      that even comes close to what mustard does for a burn.

      This is fact…..the sooner you apply the mustard to your burn the sooner the
      pain will stop. It starts by stopping burn pain progression immediately; and
      by the time it dries you have no pain. If you acted fast enough, most likely
      there will not be a blister. The burn relief products I have tried have never
      even come close to what mustard does. A food source for bacteria; I’ll take
      my chances. Cold water can go on the list of “doesn’t work” . A few seconds
      maybe. The burn/pain relievers do not do what mustard will do.

      If you do not share this opinion then I would wager you do not use mustard
      for burns.

      My grandpa became a believer when a man he worked with building roads, accidentally put his hand in hot tar, a co-worker just happened to have a huge jar of mustard that he brought with him to work , he grabbed the mustard and covered the hand entirely. It was applied within just a few seconds. The man, DID NOT BLISTER, NOT EVEN ONE. My grandfather said it was incredible.

      So, there you have it. Grab the mustard, (stop what you are doing, the burn
      is only going to hurt worse until you do something about it) get the pain relief
      and avoid a blister…

      NOTE: “PLAIN” yellow mustard……no Dijon, or anything other kind other than plain yellow mustard………..”.the kind ya get on your hot dog at the baseball game”


      No need for a bandage, or barrier cremes, or the likes……….

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