Quickflix To Offer Streaming Movies To PCs, TVs, Consoles

Quickflix To Offer Streaming Movies To PCs, TVs, Consoles

Quickflix is finally moving properly into movie downloads, expanding its existing mail-order DVD service to allow you to download movies directly. For $14.99 a month, you can access as many movies as you can handle.

The service will first become available on Sony Bravia TVs from today, with PC and Mac clients being released on November 10. A PS3 client is promised for later in the year, along with unspecified mobile phone clients (you’d have to assume iPhone and Android as the first ports of call). Alongside the movies, there’ll also be some entertainment content streamed through the service.

The big issue with this — as with any streaming media service — is that you’ll chew through your monthly data allowance from your ISP pretty quickly. Right now, Quickflix doesn’t have any ISP partnering deals, which means there’s no easy way to work around this. Telstra’s BigPond Movies service doesn’t count movie downloads for Telstra customers, but it works on a per-title rental deal, not a subscription model. (Telstra has already gotten out of its DVD-by-post business, which it sold to Quickflix earlier this year)


  • I think i might leave it for a couple of months before i decide weather or not i want it. As there are a few things to concider:
    1. Selection
    2. How new stuff will work (when it comes out on dvd it will be part of collection or you have to pay for it unless its a month old)
    3. If its binded by when it is released in australia or if we are getting it say time as the united states.

    All in all im guessing it will function very similar to netflix as you won’t see tv stuff till dvd comes out so there will still be piracy there.

  • Sounds good. Pity it’s such a small launch platform. It’ll be interesting to see how good it is on PC/PS3. Also interested to see what films they’ve got for streaming.

    • I checked on my Sony BDP-S580 3D Blu-ray Disc player on October 28. There was an update available that I installed in less than a minute. Once that was done, the cross bar menu was available to select Quicflix. Select that and you are prompted o jump onto a PC to create a Qucikflix account. Once you did that it all worked beautifully.
      Seamless install and account creation back to Quickflix.
      Works a treat. I have Musinc Unlimeted for $13 and Quickflix for $15 a month, so for $1 a day I have unlimited music and movie traming. Hard to complain about that. BTW, I have Optus DSL with 1TB download limit.
      The HD movie run at about 10-13 mBps and the SD at 5 or so.
      Pause, rewind, fast forward. They could add a bit more detail about the movies on themenu, like the cast but that will come.
      The first 14 days is free, so give it a try on our Bravia TV. You will have to creat the account and put your c/card details in.

  • About time. If it’s truly unlimited streaming like Netflix, I’d definitely pay for it.

    A SMH article (http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/quickflix-unveils-unlimited-movie-streaming-for-15-a-month-20111027-1mkuy.html) confirms the unlimited part, and also mentions something about free access until the end of 2011, but I’m not sure if I’m reading that right. Here’s hoping that it is actually truly free for everyone until the end of 2011!

  • A step in the right direction but needs to be available for devices such as WD TV Live and Roku or Boxee or XBOX, or even Apple TV. “Normal” people don’t want to have (and maintain) a special HTPC for this kind of thing. A $99 WD TV Live appliance does it all, and has many many streaming services, incl Netflix and Hulu for the USA. Anyone serious about offering this kind of service for Aust needs to have as broad a platform as possible IMO. At present I download all my TV watching and for a great price. Would happily pay $10-15 for a QUALITY streaming service… if one existed for Australia.

    • “$99 WD TV Live does it all” You’re joking right?
      As for “as broad a platform as possible” it’s hard to go past 1 million PS3s and millions of PCs as the most prevalent home media players.

    • I agree with TJ, you must be joking?. Quickflix will be availabe via any PC from Nov 10 (I believe), so you don’t get much braoder than that. It is also mooted for XBOX in 2012 so they will have all based coverd I have run Music Unlimited on PC, Android phone, PS3, PSP and Sony Blue Ray, which is a much broader set of devices than being locked into an Apple world. Quickflixs is also slated to run on all of these platform which is why I bought a Sony Blu-ray to go with my Samsung IPTV.

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