Quickflix Has A Streaming Deal With TiVo (Yes, TiVo Still Exists, Barely)

Quickflix Has A Streaming Deal With TiVo (Yes, TiVo Still Exists, Barely)

Streaming TV and movie service Quickflix is available on an impressive range of devices, including smart TVs, computers, the Xbox (including the Xbox One), Android dongles, mobile TVs and tablets. Add one rather unexpected addition to that list: TiVo.

TiVo as a brand is all but dead in the water in Australia, with no option to buy new devices. If you are an existing TiVo owner, then singing up to Quickflix might be an appealing choice for expanding your range of content from the moribund CASPA service– though we’d generally suggest moving out of the 2000s and acquiring a more capable and modern TV recording solution.


  • Please name me a more modern and capable recording service? My family love our TiVo’s as do everyone else we know that has them, they are simple to operate, reliable, easy to use for the non tech savy and do not need a subscription. Just unfortunate they did not take off in this country. The newer versions are amazing.

  • I’ve had Tivo for about 5 years now and I would say that in many ways it is actually better than the foxtel I had beforehand with its recording capabilities.. Until my current TV gives up the ghost and I’m forced to buy a new one with built in recording, the tivo will do great.
    That being said, I’ve never used that on demand service (and won’t use this service) because with 15+ channels on free to air, I have more than enough to keep me happy..

  • Nothing holds a candle to TiVo… I am another very happy TiVo owner who can’t find anything good enough to upgrade too should the TiVo service be turned off. It’s completely intuitive, ergonomic and the design of the unit looks just as vogue today as it did at purchase. I’m happy Caspa is getting the ass, it was terrible for selection, speed and usability. It’s a shame TiVo never took off in Australia, people are missing out! Whilst Foxtel is steadily disconnecting customers, TiVo should push into the market once again. After all nothing on the market does what the original TiVo can do… and the new TiVo would be better still.

  • A more modern and capable TV recording solution? Nothing comes close to the easy, reliable and feature packed TiVo! What else records suggestions for you? What a ridiculous comment. All TiVo needed to do was to find a competent seller who understood marketing. Hybrid made a right mess of things.

  • I also love my Tivo, so much I bought a second one on ebay recently. Agree with all the above, the newer products have nothing on the Tivo, not one offered suggestions.

  • So Angus, what exactly is this product and free service that is more capable than the Australian Tivo?
    I’m sure there are other systems that let you set record from computer or mobile and tape suggested programs for you automatically, but which one does it better and more reliably than Tivo?

  • I recently tried to find a Tivo-like PVR for a friend and the best we could come up with was a Humax combined with IceTV. The Humax is ok, but not as user-friendly as Tivo, and IceTV has an ongoing subscription cost. I’m not thinking of getting rid of my own Tivo any time soon. I wasn’t interested in CASPA but I’m seriously considering taking up the Quickflix offer.

  • Our TiVo has been going strong for about 5 years and we love it! It is definitely a shame that it didn’t take off in Australia.

  • A more modern and capable service would be TiVo (or Seven) importing the 6 tuner TIVO ROAMIO from the US.

  • Nothing touches the TiVo! Don’t listen to this fool, it’s the best free to air recording device out there.

  • Agree with posters above that I haven’t found a more capable and easier to use device that does the same as TIVO. I’m sorry to hear that we can no longer purchase new models in Australia. Hopefully, someone will decide to bring it back with the improved models in future. I would definitely get another when my current one expires. I am also excited about Quickflix on TIVO. The summer holidays coming would be a good trial run for our family viewing entertainment.

  • Bahahahaha
    You have got to be kidding me! So far, nothing come close to be my next candidate of my family pvr. Angus, get real and get yourself a tivo….what? You can no longer buy it? You loss!

  • I agree. I replaced Foxtel with TiVo over 5 years ago. I love it! I’ve been looking for something as good ever since the local distributor stopped selling them, and I’ve found nothing as good.
    The “moving out of the 2000s” comment was stupid and uninformed.

    Where does the TiVo get its program info from? Is it from Hybrid?
    So when they shut down their servers our TiVos all become useless?

  • I must admit that I completely agree that TIVO is the bees Knees… I have the latest smart tv and it isn’t a patch on a TIVO. Bring back TIVO…… No wonder Tivo’s are selling for crazy prices on Ebay.. There like gold !! I think you should rewrite your blurb above and state a truthful blurb…

  • I’m also a Tivo lover and want another one. Is it possible to get one from the US to use in Australia?

  • Watch out for the QuickFlix hidden membership – I converted my old Caspa credits to Quickflix and found myself on a $20 / mth membership plan which was somewhat of a surprise. I have to now call Quickflix Customer Service to get out of this dodgy deal. Wish us luck!

  • I almost wish I hadn’t found this site,because I too am a TiVo lover. I’ve had mine for 5yrs and it’s starting to do little quirky things and I thought not to worry I’ll just buy another one when I need to.Nooooooo! you’re telling me you can no longer purchase them. It’s the best !I can’t believe they never took off in Australia.

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