Work In IT? What’s Your Specialty?

Earlier this year we asked Lifehacker readers if you write code for a living, and it’s no surprise that many of you do! But it's also clear that many Lifehackers work across a range of IT professions: from network admins to VMware gurus. So what’s your specialty?

Lifehacker has always taken the view that solving problems analytically is the best way to be productive and think outside the box. It’s a mindset that can be applied to life in general, so we’re always keen to hear more about your professional pursuits.

If you're a developer, we've got a separate poll for you. Leave a comment below if your role isn't listed.

Work In IT? What's Your Specialty?


    Enterprise security.

    Stupid poll, they're some pretty specialised areas and most of the IT jobs, including mine dont fit into those neat pigeonholes.

    There's a fair bit of overlap in many of those options.

    strange, i thought technician would be considered for this poll :/

    Completely daft set of options!

    If you can't succeed in the field make a semi-informative website about it...

    ^ why read it then?

    Developers and Designers are not part of this IT poll - they are separate? That'll make the poll accurate. not. How many Dev's tick Technical Consultant and how many only did the other survey? It has to cater for everyone at once to mean anything:
    IT - non-Dev/Design
    IT Dev Design (then break down .NET, PHP, Java, UnManaged, HTML/CSS/JS, Graphics, Other)

    No hardware option?

    IT Ops Soloist - IE helpdesk, escalated support, BA, Architect, Data center specialist, cabler, hardware engineer, vmware engineer, storage engineer, windows/microsoft engineer, linux server admin, network tech, DBA, technical writer, change manager, risk auditor and customer/vendor relationship manager. Yay!

    God I need a PFY.

    I put down Technical/Business Consultant, though that's a very broad category!

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