Disguise Ugly Thermostats With A Well-Placed Picture Frame

If your thermostat or door buzzer is an eyesore on an otherwise nice-looking wall, you can "hide" it by putting it inside a nice picture frame.

Lauren over at All Things Homie came up with this solution when she found a metal frame that was the perfect size for her wall thermostat. After a bit of white paint, it blends in much better with the surrounding decor, and you don't need any large-hinged mirrors or photo-covered walls to pull it off! Hit the link to see more.

Embellishing Life... [All Things Homie via Unplggd]


    It looks like a fancy toilet roll holder.

    That looks a lot worse with the frame than without.

      That was what I was thinking. Hideous!

      Agreed! Could you not put some kind of canvas totally over the top, and have a hinge (and handle?) on it, to make the device accessible?

        Could also possibly hang 20 odd pictures of different thermostats around the real thermostat, and make it look like some kind of nouveau-classical wanker art.

      Your eyes now focus on the hideous frame instead of the only partially hideous thermostat. Problem solvered!

    Visitor sees it does double take places hands over face shaking his head! #]

    Yeah Whitson, I know it's a slow day and all for you, and barely any articles to whore out, but really?! This doesn't disguise this draws attention...

    Looks horrible. Better off designing a "bomb" frame.

    Article should be titled: "Draw Attention to Ugly Thermostats with a Well-Placed Picture Frame"

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