Chrome Extension From Google Simplifies Remote Desktop

It was mentioned some time ago that Chrome OS would support remote access via a browser. Days ago, Google made good on its promise, though it extends beyond the company's stab at an operating system — all you need is a PC with the Chrome browser and a single extension installed.

Chrome Remote Desktop comes straight from Google and, like most of the company's projects, has begun its public existence as a beta. Weighing in at 19.1MB, it's certainly not the lightest of extensions, but once downloaded it takes seconds to install.

Now, using Google services to facilitate remote connections isn't new. Software such as GBridge and iTeleport use Gmail to auto-discover PCs they can access and cut away some of the pain of configuring a VNC server. But Chrome Remote Desktop doesn't appear to require Gmail access at all — it simply requests some basic permissions and, once you confirm you want to set up a connection, will spit out a 12-digit access code that can be used by any other Chrome-equipped PC sporting the extension to establish a connection.

Early reports indicate that while the process is incredibly smooth for a first release, it still needs some fine-tuning in the responsiveness department. On my local network, I had no problems getting connected wirelessly over 802.11n or through Gigabit Ethernet, but these are definitely ideal conditions. A good test will be on-the-road over 3G, which I'll be trying as soon as I get the opportunity.

In the meantime, give the extension a go. It looks like it could prove an excellent substitute for UltraVNC or TightVNC, especially if you don't need the additional features provide by these dedicated options.

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA [Chrome Web Store, via Liliputing]


    Certainly a reasonably easy free way to do the normal, helping the tech illiterate fix their pc's.

      Had to do this myself recently and was quite surprised at how convoluted Remote Assistance is - for someone on the other end who is reasonably tech illiterate. So I'll welcome anything that makes it easier.

    At the moment I install firefox and a hands-off remote access program (reverse vnc/logmein rescue) whenever I set up a client computer.

    Given this is completely cross platform, I may start replacing them both with chrome.

    I think it would be nice if I could use it as a standard RDP client.

    But still, I might install this on a few PCs that I remote assist. Would save a bunch of time for sure!

    please does anyone know where I can get an Australian RDP service windows 2003, that gives me an australian Ip . I am ready to pay via liberty reserve

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