Google Chrome OS Will Allow Remote Desktop Access From Browsers


ReadWriteWeb reports that the new Google Chrome OS will allow users to access PC desktop applications through a browser. This remote desktop capability, unofficially dubbed “chromoting,” will let users access programs like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. It’s said that the feature is similar to Windows’ Remote Desktop Connect, which allows a user to connect to a remote computer from another computer. The Google Chrome OS is set to arrive later this year. [ReadWriteWeb]


  • And with this will comes a new wave of security holes, viruses and crappy virus protection software from huge companies that try to rip you off, so hackers have an even easier way of taking over your computer


    but seriously…

  • This should be interesting, but nothing new. I use Techinline ( for remote supporting my clients, and am aware of tens of similar services out there for the same type of thing.

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