Avoid Spicy Food Before Bed To Keep Nightmares Away

Eating right before going to sleep is thought to be one cause of nightmares, because it raises the body's metabolism and brain activity. Which foods you eat can also increase chances of a fitful night — specifically, spicy and junk foods.

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Lifestyle blog Divine Caroline points out two studies that have shown eating these two types of food just before bed resulted in poorer sleep. One published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology found that the addition of Tabasco sauce and mustard at dinner markedly disturbed the six male subjects' sleep. This may be because spicy food can raise body temperatures.

Junk food — ice cream and chocolate bars — was shown in another study published in The Journal of The Mind and Body to particularly trigger more brain waves, which caused seven of the 10 participants to have nightmares while sleeping. The study also found that going to bed on a full stomach can trigger those nightmare-inducing brain waves.

The take away? For a good night's sleep, pass on the hot sauce and dessert before bed.

Six Reasons We Have Bad Dreams [Divine Caroline]


    Tabasco? Mustard? Spicy?

    Disturbingly nightmare indeed to know those two categorised as spicy.

    Must suck to live in India - they must be perpetually tormented in their sleep with all that spicy food...

    I will sometimes deliberately eat cheesecake close-ish to bed time, provides awesome tripped out vivid dreams every time.

    Avoid the nightmares by eating these foods at least 3 hours before sleeping.

    From the photo, I thought this was going to be about Dutch ovens!

    Sorry sleep... Ain't gonna pass on the tabasco.

    I eat spicy food for nearly every meal at dinner (and lunch), and I don't remember the last nightmare I had (would be at least a year ago).

    The chilli's I eat are not weak either...
    Red Savina's are my favourite chilli, beautiful flavour (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_savina)

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