Adobe Flash Player 11 And AIR 3 Are Now Available

Adobe released the newest version of its Flash Player and AIR platform late last night, boasting a faster rendering performance, graphics acceleration, and better overall performance.

This new version of Flash is available on all platforms and adds in native 64-bit support and a new 3D rendering tool called Stage 3D, which according to Adobe enables Flash to render 3D significantly better. AIR 3 adds a mass of developer features allowing for further integration into OS capabilities like light sensors and gyroscopes, as well as simpler install process. You can download both below from Adobe's site.

Adobe Flash Player 11 & AIR 3 Have Launched! [Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Team Blog]


    Can someone explain to me why it's taking so long for the uptake of HTML5 ? I'm getting really sick of having to constantly update friggin Flash! I refuse to use it on my Tablet! #]

    So Flash with youtube will run my processor at 99% instead of 100% now, cool!

    The sun came up this morning. The stars were out last night. The ocean has waves. The rain falls down. There's a flash update.

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