Flash Player 11.2 Will Finally Offer Auto-Update

Version 11 of Flash Player hasn't been showing off its new features all that long, but TechAU reports that version 11.2 offers an even more welcome improvement: automatic updates, so you don't face Flash update dialogues in an endless wave. Really can't come soon enough, and you can grab the beta here. [TechAU]


    Thank GOD!!!!!! My prayers have been answered. Do not think for a second that users will update it themselves when it pops out at them when the login, they won't.

    Now If only they'd do the same for adobe reader and java

    Now if only you could stop it from automatically 'doing' things, like playing videos, etc. Very embarrassing when I am supposed to be working.

    People still use flash?!

      Unfortunately yes, until there is a real alternative im afraid most are stuck with the P.O.S.

    if only battlelog didnt use flash... then i'd be rid of it

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