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The never-ending saga surrounding Apple’s newer MacBook keyboards just saw a slightly refreshing update. In a leaked internal memo, the company says that all keyboard repairs must now be done in store with a one-day turnaround. So if you’ve been putting off getting your sticky or unresponsive keys fixed, now’s the time to make a Genius Bar appointment.


Tracking the many deal-of-the-day sites running in Australia can feel like a full-time job for discount hunters. Bargain Desk collates deals from daily deal sites, group deal offers and online bargain hunter forums to help you search for the best buys.


newVideoPlayer( {"type":"video","player":"http://www.youtube.com/v/mtm3Ahx_paY&hl=en&fs=1&hd=1","customParams": ,"width":500,"height":332.5,"ratio":0.615,"flashData":"","embedName":null,"objectId":null,"noEmbed":false,"source":"youtube","wrap":true,"agegate":false} );Adobe Air/Web-Based: Available as both an Adobe Air app and a web app, Project Rome is a simple but powerful content editing tool. Create everything from brochures and presentations to web sites and animations.