What Do You Do When You Need A Quick Pick-Me-Up?

The next time you're feeling a little blue, try singing a song to lift your spirits. That's something that I've often done (without knowing the science behind it), but we're curious, Lifehackers: What do you do to quickly boost your mood?

Photo by Sam Howzit.

The act of singing, it turns out, releases endorphins, those feel-good brain chemicals. It also brings more oxygen into your blood and increases circulation, helping to relieve stress. And music just soothes the soul.

What about you? What are your quick pick-me-ups?


    Hmmm, if you truly are suffering from a depression, and I am a long time sufferer, singing a song is just not going to happen! The blues however are a different kettle of fish! Having said that, even sufferers of severe depression will get a boost by just listening to music.... I loves me my music... #]

      I forced myself to try singing to brighten my mood, but it didn't work. Perhaps "Seasons In The Sun" wasn't the best choice.

      Ecky fair points, but this article really isn't talking about chronic depression. It's about pick-me-ups when you've got the blues.

    I go and hang out with my friends - the funny ones. Laughter seems to make it all go away.

    I'm no professional, but I do love to sing. Dancing is also good - I practice my salsa moves with a phantom partner (foreveralone.jpg). The rhythm and feel of getting it right always makes me feel better.

    I'm surprised you didn't integrate the coffee article posted on Lifehacker yesterday: people who drink coffee are happier, therefore, coffe is probably a great instant lift. :)

      The coffee effect only happens for women Lauren. The only effect coffee has on men's moods is when we don't get our regular fix - watch out!

        Actually it has been shown to have similar effects on men, it's just that the sample size for that test was only a few thousand men (as opposed to the 50 000+ women in the latest study) so it wasn't widely published/taken into account. Maybe there's more to 'getting your daily fix' than you realise!

        The study was actually mainly about women. So was only concerned about women's responses.

    exercise - having a healthy body improves your 'brain chemistry' so you don't tend to get the blues as much later on - so it cures and prevents at the same time

    You're not really down if you still can sing!

    Look at cat pictures on the internet, its not to hard to find them and after about 10min im in a really good mood :)

    I usually play guitar, or go for a run.

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