Use An Aluminium Can As A Wi-Fi Extender

If you happen to have an old can of soft drink or beer lying around the house and you're struggling to get a good Wi-Fi signal on your computer, The Chive has a guide to cutting out a parabolic reflector out of the can.

Photo by: Sh4rp_i.

Using nothing more than an aluminium can, a utility knife, scissors and some adhesive putty, they've built a remarkably easy and effective Wi-Fi extender that only takes a few very simple steps to complete. If you're not interested in using aluminum foil, you don't want to solder a tin can, or you just want to broadcast your good taste in beer, this is a solid trick that works surprisingly well. Find the full tutorial and walkthrough over on The Chive.

How to Boost Your WiFi Signal Using Only a Beer Can [The Chive via Discovery Channel]


    Gonna have to give this a try, looks interesting! #]

    will give this a def try and see how it goes!:) cheers! from Australia!

    What if the router did not have any external antennas on it.
    Any suggestions if it will still work.

    I thought the chive just had boobie pictures.

    Alfoil and thick paper/light card is a whole lot safer, simpler and easier to cut.

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