Telstra, Optus Dabbling In iPhone 5 Registration

We saw Vodafone putting up a register for information page that seemed squarely aimed at iPhone 5 customers last week. Now Telstra and Optus are pulling the same trick.

Telstra is promoting a link via its Facebook presence, albeit with a slightly more generic page that doesn't include any hidden text featuring the word "Apple". Optus' effort is less subtle, promoting "5 reasons" to get your next phone through Optus.

We know the iPhone 5 announcement is due next week, so it shouldn't be long before these kinds of pages are replaced with more specific information. Both sites (and Vodafone) are also at pains to point out signing up doesn't guarantee you a phone; we foresee queues.




    Expect queues... And expect a patent injunction from samsung.

    so go with optus and get 5 phones for the price of 1?

    or 1 phone the price of 5

      …or trying five times to place one call?

        na thats vodafone

    If you look at the bottom of the source code for the Optus page you can see


    Interestingly, if you go to

    as linked to on the bottom of the source code, there's a bit about "Select your preferred handset from the list provided." Curiouser and curiouser.

      Preferred handset options:
      1) magical
      2) astounding
      3) revolutionary (this one changes everything again, again)

        I can atleast say, the iPhone 5 is definitely coming.

        Here's the link to the Optus Registration:|18492|iPhone%205||S|e|8036675787

        Anyone else spot "iPhone5GGen" in the link? Voila.

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