Apple Finally Confirms October 5 iPhone Event

Apple has ended the speculation on when the iPhone event is going to take place (as well as the speculation on if it was taking place at all), but the guesses as to what's going into the phone will last until 10AM PT, October 4. That's 4am EDT on the 5th in Australia.


    **YAAAWWWN**,...I'm sorry did you wake me?

      That's a funny comment! You didn't buy into the apple hullabuloo obviously.

      Que, you are SO cool not liking apple. I can tell you are such a rebel!
      Fight the power homeboy!

      That's what chicks like.... people like you.

      See you at the finish line, make sure you bring your powdered sugar.

        Adam's apple - I'm glad you think I am cool because I am.

        I really like teasing children masquerading as adults sitting in long lines outside an Apple store waiting for a bit of kit. It is fun - lots of fun. I am so happy I have found a kindred soul in you as my fellow cool person.

          Awww peanut! well if you want to meet me in the apple queue id be happy to meet up. Then ill see how big your keyboard is.

          Im sure id have no problems seeing how far i can push an apple usb cable up your backend. Im sure its going to be compatible with your lifestyle.

          Tell your step-dad ive got his box of wine.

            Now you're making me horny. OK, you know I like USB cords,... but not what colour.

            Good luck with your life Adam, you are seriously going to need it.

    while im excited to see what apple are going to offer, i am more excited to laugh at the crazies who line up to wait a month before it will be released.

      There are people who line up a month in advanced? Wow that is crazy!

      I walk by the apple store on my way to work everyday and I haven't seen anyone in line yet.. normally a day or two before maybe..?

      Why is it cool to not like apple?

        It's not that it's "cool to not like apple", but it is normal to think that lining up a month in advance is a little beyond silly.

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