Spring Cleaning Room By Room: The Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Room By Room: The Kitchen

Cooking can be both creative and relaxing, but not if your kitchen is a disaster zone of expired food and rarely used appliances. Our series of room by room spring cleaning guides continues with a kitchen clutter conquest strategy.

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Different room, same principles

The same basic principles that we discussed in yesterday’s post about spring cleaning your home office also apply here. In particular, the SPACE method remains a sensible way to sort out what is in your kitchen, and provides plenty of useful guidance on strategies.

The detailed guides

We’ve covered ways to reorganise your kitchen several times before, so here are the most in-depth guides to get your kitchen revamped:

Extra tips

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Even you shop in bulk, kitchens need checking and reorganising more frequently than other rooms. For one thing, foodstuffs expire. For another, you culinary habits shift over time, and your kitchen should evolve to match those needs. Got additional kitchen clutter strategies? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • Be careful adding solid shelves to your fridge. Doing so can impede cold airflow and make your fridge less efficient. Also, Plexiglas is a brand name of acrylic. Acrylic or polycarbonate would be suitable but each have their downfalls: Acrylic, as it ages, gets brittle and can shatter. Polycarbonate is reasonably soft but strong, so dragging cans or bowls over it will scratch.

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