DIY Kitchen Island Disappears At The Touch Of An iPhone

It's tricky to build and would only work in a certain kind of house, but this is such a cool hack we had to point it out: a kitchen island which disappears into the floor and is controlled by an iPhone application.

Web developer Tim Thaler combined a hydraulic scissor lift (which he purchased secondhand off eBay) with a custom iPhone application and some neat RFID technology to build a kitchen island that disappears into the basement when it isn't wanted. It certainly wasn't a quick project (Thaler's renovations have taken more than five years), but it shows how impressive you can make a house if you've got time and a little engineering know-how. Hit the link for more details.

The Kitchen Sinks. Well, Part Of It[New York Times via IKEA Hackers


    I'd be just a bit concerned about preparing food where you've just been walking over the floor!

    So people can walk on the surface you'll later be preparing food on?

      The NYT post notes that there are carpet tiles in place. But regardless best practice in this area is to use separate cutting boards and surfaces for preparing food, not the bare island itself.

    I'm all about automation and cool stuff... but for the amount of work this had to take... I ask myself, what's the point? I mean, it seems that the kitchen is rather spacious as it is - so unless you're running a dance floor in your kitchen at night, I'm not sure about the cost/benefit analysis.

    But, to each their own - and as a home project - it's impressive.

    Despite its impracticalities, its quite cool though.

    However the big question is, what's on the floor underneath?

      Comprehension = F

    So ... iPhone, hey? Via IP? Therefore from *anywhere*? So, say, well away from the kitchen? You sure could have fun with a sucker ;)

    What a great way to apply floor scum flavours to a kitchen bench space!

    How hard would it be to have the horizontal surface flip over in transition?

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