Use A Lazy Susan For Accessible Under-Sink Storage

Use A Lazy Susan For Accessible Under-Sink Storage

Below-sink cabinets, especially in the kitchen, are notorious for being dumping grounds for cleaning supplies, detergent bottles, boxes, and other various household goods. The problem comes when you need that bottle of detergent that’s all the way in the back of the cabinet. With a simple turntable or Lazy Susan, you’ll never have that issue again.

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If you have a particularly large cabinet under the sink, you can use more than one Lazy Susan and put one on either side. This way, you can put an end to the days where you get on your hands and knees and reach way back into the cabinet to get that box of freezer bags that you tossed in the back. As long as everything you regularly use is on the turntable, just rotate it until you can get to what you need.

Over at Apartment Therapy, they found a large, 21-inch plastic turntable that’s big enough to fit under a sink without wasting too much space on the sides. It’s also rated for up to 150lbs, as long as everything’s distributed across the top, making it perfect for heavy bottles of detergent and boxes of aluminium foil. You can also do the same thing with bathroom sinks, or as we’ve mentioned before, use it as a way to easily reach the back of your computer.

How do you keep everything in your cabinets tidy? Perhaps you prefer stackable containers or boxes instead? Share your tips in the comments.

Try a Turntable: Easy Access to Under Cabinet Storage [Apartment Therapy]


  • gotta be honest, that’s one of the worst ideas I’ve seen yet. The lazy susan leaves vast amounts of unused space, and it really only makes it easy to get stuff that’s on the edge, and not in the centre of the turntable…

    a shallow plastic basket it far better – you don’t lose space, and you can easily just pull it in and out to access your stuff. Even better is that your basket full of cleaning products can be pulled out and carried around the house as you do your cleaning.

  • This is what happens when you think out of the box and create ingenious results out of a simple piece of household item. My housing unit is rather small and we have space constraints in almost every room of our home. Therefore, it is always the shelves even on our cabinet doors. However, like you mentioned, sometimes the things are out of reach when they are stacked all the way to the back. This lazy-Susan is going to be my weekend project this week for us if we can find some in our storage pods.

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