Upgrade Your Fridge Shelves With Inexpensive Plexiglas

Wire refrigerator shelves can lead to food topples and spills, along with being tricky to clean in their own right. Rather than upgrade your fridge, consider using just a measuring tape and a trip to your hardware store for a fix.

Photo by LaMenta3.

In its review of The Itty Bitty Kitchen Handbook, gadget blog Cool Tools pulls out an intriguing excerpt on food storage. With limited space (and likely a tight budget), you don't want to lose food to spills, knock-overs and cross-contamination. Measure your shelves, give yourself just a smidge of fitting space, and call around to see which hardware store can cut Plexiglas to order. Place the glass over your shelves, and now it's easier to clean up spills and stash awkwardly shaped items, while still maintaining a clear view of everything in your fridge.

The Itty Bitty Kitchen Handbook [Cool Tools]


    ok, that's a dumb idea.

    i'm not a refrigeration expert, but how is the cold air supposed to reach all areas of the fridge fairly evenly if the shelves block the flow?

    there's a reason the shelves are the way they are. as annoying as that is sometimes.

      Unless your fridge is designed for solid shelves then you can go for it.
      I replaced my clear plastic shelves which break too easily with toughened glass ($30/shelf) from the local glass cutter. Lot cheaper than Omega was charging for plastic framed rubbish ($130).

      He speaks the truth. In my experience, fridges with wire shelves don't have the same fans and ducting installed as those with tempered glass shelves.

      I have a fridge with glass shelves at home, and along with at least one 80mm fan (the only one thats visibile at least), it has various ducting through the sides and to the door to ensure the cold air gets where it's needed.

      If you're going to attempt this mod, I would strongly suggest you be prepared to spend the day with a drill and 8mm drill bit putting a few hundred holes in your new shiny plexiglass shelves.

    So is it not wise to put plexiglass on the wire shelves even if I leave an inch or so open in the back?

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