Park Better In Your Garage With Some String And A Tennis Ball

Parking in your garage isn't the hardest skill to learn, but some days are better than others. If you're tired of knocking over the rubbish bin, pulling in too far, or whatever, Instructables user wilgubeast has a clever solution to help you park perfectly every time.

The problem with parking in a garage is you don't always know how far to pull in. What you can do to solve this problem is attach a tennis ball to some string and hang it from the garage ceiling at a point where it will touch your car's windshield. That point should be at the exact spot you want to pull in when parking. This way you'll always know how far to go and never pull in too deep. (TWSS.) For more detailed instructions (and a bigger picture!), check out the full post over at Instructables.

Garage Penetration Indicator [Instructables]


    Ha,.. I've been using a similar method for years! I use a coat hanger that I opened up to a piece of stiff wire, wrapped it around the drive side post so it's sticking out horizontally, and bent the car end so it can't scratch the windscreen! Both are excellent methods! #]


    My dad has being doing this for about 20 years. In the past 10 years he's been using stuffed toys. Very cute!

    Replace the tennis ball with a feather duster.

    Kinda cleans the car while you drive in.

    I've always used this old hanging pinyata from the 80s. :)

    Ah jeez, this was mentioned in one of the early seasons of Frasier.

    A mean trick on users of this parking method is to move the ball-on-string forward six inches, then step back and enjoy the fun....

    Just leave a brick or a piece of wood at the back of the garage, as soon as you touch it, just edge back and inch

    Not as a wind up, but who can't work out how far to pull into their own garage? How do these people cope in non-tennis ball equipped public parking spaces?

    attila: depends on what clearance you have;

    My car fits in to the garage with essentially two inches of total space to play with (for both rear/front) once the electric garage door comes down.

    I don't want to damage the car or the electric door - so the tennis ball on string makes a lot of sense.

    Also car windscreen is not flat - but slightly rounded.. so I have to be careful to hit the ball perfectly center.


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