Hotmail Users Get 10% Off Cudo Deals In September

Hotmail Users Get 10% Off Cudo Deals In September

Chances are you haven’t used your Hotmail account for a while, but this could be an incentive: until the end of September, you can get 10% off any group deal from Cudo by accessing it via your Hotmail account. Not only will that give you 10% off, it also keeps your main email account from getting bombarded with deals. [Cudo via OzBargain]


    • Hotmail is one of the better options now, but there are a few reasons I don’t like to use it (compared to gmail):

      Historical: When gmail was initially released with 1gb of space, hotmail was providing a staggering 6mb. For the preceding few years, they specialised in making their system as bloated and user-hostile as possible, while removing useful features (pop3 access for instance) to convince users to upgrade to ‘hotmail plus’.

      Security: Hotmail has a 6-digit password minimum while gmail has 8. Hotmail will notify you if somebody from another country accesses your account, gmail will actively block them from entering it. Hotmail lets you set ‘Trusted PCs’, but google has two factor authentication and a list of IP addresses which recently checked my mail.

      Access: Hotmail has actually caught up here. To compete with gmail they gave users pop3, imap, and recently full activesync support.

      Interface: Hotmail is quite good here, but the tagging and search options aren’t as good. If you use alternative inbox styles like ‘priority inbox’, there’s no equivalent for hotmail. Navigating hotmail can be frustrating, as the forward/back buttons occasionally fail to work as expected and you can’t open messages in a new tab. Hotmail has large eye-catching ads, gmail has understated plain-text ads.

      Integration with other services: The recent revamp on hotmail has put the two services basically on par, and they both feature close integration with document readers/messenger/online storage.

      Configurability: Gmail lets you change a lot more about how your email looks and functions. Hotmail looks nice and works fine, but there’s a lot you can’t change.

      Man, that’s a long answer and completely unrelated to the article, but it comes down to this: Hotmail is a very capable service now, but Gmail gives me much more control over how I use my email account.

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