Cudo Joins The Group Deal Crowd

Back in May, we speculated about how many discount deal sites Australian could sustain. That danger certainly seems to be lurking in the "group deal" sector, with Cudo the latest site to hit the local market.

The model is pretty much the same as we've seen with previously featured, OurDeal and there's a daily offer for some kind of experience (entertainment, dining, sport), but a set number of people have to sign up before the deal happens. At the moment the site offers Sydney and Melbourne deals, plus a weekly "national" offer; Brisbane will be added in October.

Cudo is a joint venture between Microsoft and publishing giant PBL, which means that it's probably not going to run out of cash in a hurry. It's certainly a slick-looking offering, but it's still an open question whether this sector is going to sustain so many competitors and how often we'll see the same deals repeated.


Comments is still the one for me for Melbourne deals, but surely some of these have to start dropping out soon.

    I like for laptops

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