Facebook For iPhone Updates, Improves Group Sharing And Tagging

iOS: Yesterday Facebook updated its iPhone app and completely overhauled the design for user profiles and group walls, made it easier to share status updates and photos from your iOS device with select groups, and made it easier to tag friends and locations right from the mobile app.Additionally, Facebook updated the iOS app so your privacy settings (you know, the ones that were added last month) on the web carry over to your phone. This means that if you have Facebook set to only share with a certain group by default on the web, the same will be true on your iPhone. The update also makes it easier to select filters in your news feed and share external links.

Unfortunately, there's still no iPad version of the app, and while we all know there is one in development, Facebook has removed it from the update, and even if you had it enabled you can't log in with it.

Facebook for iPhone [iTunes App Store via 9to5Mac]


    I don't see any point in an iPad app, as the iPhone app is no where near as good as the normal m.facebook.com site which you can access with iPad anyway.

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