How To Get The Facebook iPad App Hidden In The iPhone Version

How To Get The Facebook iPad App Hidden In The iPhone Version

iPad: A tiny code push in the Facebook app for iPhone yesterday revealed something lurking under the surface in the code for the app for over a year: an iPad-specific version of the Facebook app, designed to run on the iPad’s large display.Now that it’s been discovered, there are a number of ways to get to it, but all of them involve jailbreaking your iPad. All of the standard warnings about jailbreaking apply here: it’ll void your warranty, and if there’s a problem with your device, Apple will likely refuse to assist. That said, after jailbreaking (if you need help, check out our guide to jailbreaking,) you’ll need to download iFile from the Cydia app store.

With iFile and the latest version of the Facebook for iPhone app installed, follow these steps:

  • Open iFile, and navigate to /var/mobile/applications/directory
  • Tap the settings gear and toggle “Application Names” to “On”
  • Open the Facebook folder, then open
  • Open the “info.plist” file and select “Property List Viewer”
  • Select the “UIDeviceFamily” field
  • It should be set to “1”. Delete it, and type in “2” instead. Tap “Done”.
  • Reboot your iPad

If everything went correctly, you’ll have the iPad version of the Facebook app when you finish rebooting your device. Most people report the app is a little buggy, but it’s a world better than the mobile web app or the stretched-out iPhone app.

TechCrunch reports its sources confirm this hidden app is the same Facebook for iPad Facebook is testing internally and plans to release, so if you’re wary of jailbreaking and getting your hands dirty, Facebook will likely make the app official soon.

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  • I got it going a slightly different way that involved SSH but essentially the same process but without iFile. fell in love with it as soon as I started using it. worked a charm on my iPad 2… only a few slight bugs but damn good for whats essentially an unreleased app… sadly not working for me anymore. wont let me log in… I didnt log out it just kicked me off and I cant log back in now… 🙁

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